Whatever the size of your project or budget, every one of the ATOL team will be passionate about providing the perfect solution. And proud of the result we achieve for you.

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Foundation System

ATOL is a leading supplier of total shopfitting systems including Europe’s primary modular shopfitting system, Tegometall and the generically similar, UK manufactured, Eden

Shopfitting Units

ATOL’s core shopfitting solution of individual wall and gondola bays and integrated systems are available in endless combinations, which can be coupled with bespoke accessories for the effective retail display of even the most awkward of products.

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Integrated Shopfitting

Integrated Shopfitting incorporates a shopfitting bay into the framework of a more rigid unit, to provide high level storage for bulkier items in a customer-facing display unit.

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If you are unsure exactly which options would work best for your specific products and business, we would be delighted to visit you at your premises and share our knowledge and experience.  This service is available at no extra charge and places you under no obligation, it merely ensures you get the best product and service for your individual application.