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Pallet Racking

Heavy duty pallet racking UK

The many different pallet racking configurations available in the UK, coupled with our design experience, mean that we can specify exactly the right construction to meet your storage requirements.

Adjustable heavy duty pallet racking is the most versatile and popular form of storage for palletised goods. It is widely specified in virtually every industry and easily adapts to the vast and complex range of products our diverse clients need to store. Lending itself to virtually every type of storage requirement, heavy duty pallet racking provides individual access to all your pallets, without load crushing, to heights limited only by your building height or the handling equipment.

Heavy duty pallet racking, either on its own or combined with other storage systems, can be adapted to suit a variety of storage and display applications:

Horizontal Door Racking

Pallet racking Uk - Horizontal Door Racking

Vertical Door Racking

Vertical Door Racking

Worktop Racking

Worktop Racking

Lintel Racking

Pallet racking uk - Lintel Racking

Display Units

Heavy duty pallet racking - Display Units

Radiator Racking

Radiator Racking

Also available:

Fencing Racks, Pigeon Hole Racks

Pallet Racking, UK Component Details and Pricing (all prices are ex-works, exclusive of VAT)

There are many different sizes, loadings, beams, decks and accessories which may be more suited to your particular application so please feel free to call us for a tailored, no obligation quote.

Two frames are needed for a starter bay and then only one per additional bay.

Pallet Racking UK Components

Frame 4420mm x 900mm £79.79
Frame 2420mm x 900mm £32.67
Pair of 2700mm 2T Beams £55.20
Pair of 2700mm 3T Beams £60.09
Chipboard Deck £28.57
Slatted Deck £50.00
Base plus 3 levels with Chipboard Decks
  • 2 x Frame 4420mm x 900mm
  • 3 x Pair of 2700mm 3T Beams
  • 3 x Chipboard Deck
  • 3 x SWL Stickers
  • All the necessary fixings


Discounts available on bulk orders.