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Metalsistem is suitable for light to medium duty storage and all static retail and office applications. It is incredibly versatile with many functions and is suited to environments open to the public as well as home and more industrial uses.

Metalsistem combines lightweight structures with high strength and avoids any type of bolting and welding. The shelving can be fully accessorised with shelf board dividers, fixed height dividers, drawers and many other available accessories.  The shelving is supplied with three different surfaces: ribbed, open and smooth steel planking.

Examples Of Use


Component Details and Pricing (all prices are ex-works, exclusive of VAT)

The fully adjustable Metalsistem has been designed to meet the needs of light to medium duty storage. The design allows for high load bearing from light gauge materials. The use of high quality zinc coated steel ensures a high level of durability.

As with all our systems, a starter bay consisting of 2 frames is required, additional bays with only one frame can then be used to complete a run.

Metalsistem is available in various sizes and as it's completely modular any size combination can be created:

Height: 1972mm, 2500mm, 3028mm, 3424mm, 3952mm, 4480mm or 5008mm

Depth: 320mm, 400mm, 500mm, 600mm, 700mm or 800mm

Width: 900mm, 1200mm, 1350mm, 1500mm or 1800mm

Metalsistem Components

Frame 1972mm x 500mm - including plastic top caps £23.07
Shelf 500mmm x 1200mm - complete with beams £9.49
Shelf 500mm x 900mm  - complete with beams  £6.71
Beams 900mm £1.24
Beams 1200mm £1.90
Deep Bin 500mm x 300mm £4.40
Container Divider £1.37
Bin and Divider Bay
  • 2 x Frame 1972mm x 500mm
  • 12 x Beams 900mm
  • 18 x Deep Bin 500mm x 300mm
  • 30 x Container Divider
  • 1 x Shelf 500mm x 900mm  - complete with beams


Discounts available on bulk orders

Shelving Bay
  • Frame 1972mm x 500mm
  • 7 x Shelf 500mm x 900mm  - complete with beams



Discounts available on bulk orders