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Integrated Shop Fitting

To better utilise your available space, the shopfitting system can be integrated with our specially designed shelving. This allows storage of bulkier or heavier items in a prominent position so that they remain clearly visible to the customer without taking up valuable floor space.

This integrated system can be effectively used for housing complete product displays, allowing you to fully utilise your entire available floor to ceiling space.  These high level displays are particularly effective for ranges such as kitchens, bathrooms and doors, or indeed any product where customer visualisation will aid sales.

Component Details and Pricing (all prices are ex-works, exclusive of VAT)

Integrated systems are available in 1000mm, 2000mm and 3000mm bays.

The examples shown below are our standard profiles however we can manufacture any combination of frames, bays and accessories to suit your particular application so please call for a tailored, no obligation quote.

Integrated systems are very simple to construct but, if you simply don’t have the time, we offer a comprehensive installation and merchandising service.

Two frames are needed for a starter bay and then only one per additional bay. A 2000mm integrated bay requires 1 Top Clamp and a 3000mm bay requires 2 Top Clamps.

Integrated Components

3000mm Integrated Frame £97.86
1000mm Beam £15.24
2000mm Beam £22.00
3000mm Beam £30.04
1000mm Chipboard Shelf £12.74
2000mm Chipboard Shelf £14.94
3000mm Chipboard Shelf £32.06
Top Clamp £10.50
3000mm Integrated Bay
  • 2 x 3000mm Integrated Frame
  • 3 x 3000mm Beam
  • 1 x 3000mm Chipboard Shelf
  • 2 x Top Clamp

Shown here with 3 x 1m shopfitting bays. Not included in the price below.



Discounts available on bulk orders.