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Long Span

ATOL Long Span is our own range of lightweight, low level, mini pallet racking, also known generically as long span.  It is incredibly versatile and lends itself to a host of different applications.

This ATOL designed system is cost efficient and incredibly flexible and we can custom-manufacture to suit your bespoke applications.

The frames and bays can be incorporated with many other shopfitting elements such as baskets or D-arms or you can simply sit versatile timber decks across the beams.

ATOL Long Span is available from stock in 1000mm, 2000mm and 3000mm bays or we can custom-manufacture to fit your space at no additional cost.

The examples shown below are our standard profiles however any combination of shelf arrangements and accessories are available which may be more suited to your particular application so please feel free to call for a more tailored, no obligation quote.

Component Details and Pricing (all prices are ex-works, exclusive of VAT)

Two frames are needed for a starter bay and then only one per additional bay.

3000mm ATOL Long Span Frame £35.90
1000mm Beam £15.24
2000mm Beam £11.61
3000mm Beam £30.04
1000mm Chipboard Shelf £12.74
2000mm Chipboard Shelf £14.94
3000mm Chipboard Shelf £32.06
2000mm ATOL Long Span
  • 2 x 3000mm ATOL Long Span Frame
  • 11 x 2000mm Beam
  • 5 x 2000mm Chipboard Shelf


Discounts available on bulk orders