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For lighter weight, smaller product ranges, ATOL offers two storage and retail display shelving UK ranges: internationally recognised, infinitely configurable Metalsistem shop shelving and compatible ATOL Long Span shop display shelving, our own version of versatile mini pallet racking.

View the range of shop shelving and retail display shelving UK solutions available below:

Shop Shelving / Retail Shelving


Metalsistem is a lightweight, high-strength retail shelving system suitable for a variety of applications from small items such as copper fittings through to tyres and files.  This shop shelving is also ideal for use in garden centres and similar retail environments.

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Shop Shelving / Retail Shelving

ATOL Long Span

Similar to other long span systems, ATOL Long Span is our own range of lightweight, multi-purpose baby pallet racking for retail shelving

In response to customer requests, and based on our expertise in this area, we designed our own retail shelving, shop shelving system to offer custom-built bays for the same price as stock sizes, to extend the benefits of a bespoke system to customers on tighter budgets.

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