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Vertical Racking

Warehouse Racking  and Warehouse Storage Systems

Warehouse Racking and Warehouse Storage Systems - Vertical racking utilises the minimum amount of space for storage of products such as:

  • Timber battens
  • Copper and plastic pipe
  • Plastic extrusions
  • Conduit
  • Doors
  • Sheet materials
  • Aluminium bars
  • Ladders
  • Worktops
  • Glass

Vertical racking is an ideal high density storage and racking system, for self-selection and provides excellent product presentation.

 Warehouse Storage Systems Diagram
  • Sturdy construction, fast high quality installation and minimum disruption
  • Modular design to meet your needs and space constraints
  • Easy to adjust arms for maximum storage and versatility
  • Can be used inside or outside with or without an integrated canopy
  • Single or double sided
  • Optional pigeon hole storage is a possibility at either end of a run
  • Floor rails to keep stock safely in the rack
  • D-dividers, with or without ticket plates, give infinite adjustment and precisely separate your products
  • Safety chains are supplied for additional security and safety
  • Finished in colours to compliment your corporate image
  • Full in-house design, planning, manufacturing and installation service of warehouse storage systems

Warehouse Racking Component Details and Pricing (all prices are ex-works, exclusive of VAT)

There are many different heights, lengths and accessories which may be more suited to your particular warehouse storage systems application, so please call us for a tailored, no obligation quote on your warehouse racking needs.

Two frames are needed for a warehouse racking starter bay and then only one per additional bay. If runs are longer than 12m bays, a brace is required at each end of the run.

Your storage and racking system can be finished in either a colour of your choice or galvanised.

Warehouse Racking - Vertical Racking Components

Frame 3800mm £98.08
Frame 2800mm £82.28
Tie Beam (1000mm – 3000mm) £14.22 - £18.40
Floor Rail (1000mm – 3000mm) £12.86 - £15.34
D-Arm with saddle £16.09
D-Arm with Angle Cleat £16.09
Brace £14.88
Warehouse Racking
3000mm x 3800mm bay with 7 D-Arms
  • 2 x Frame 3800mm
  • 3 x Tie Beam 2950mm
  • 2 x Floor Rail 2950mm
  • 5 x D-Arm with saddle
  • 2 x D-Arm with Angle Cleat
  • 1 x Brace


Comes complete with all fixings and safety chains between D-arms


Discounts available on bulk orders

For more information on warehouse storage systems contact us. We are experts in warehouse storage systems design and can help find the right choice of warehouse storage systems to suit your needs.