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Case Study 4 - International Pet Supplies Manufacturer

The Client

Rolf C Hagen is the largest privately run pet supplies manufacturer and distributor in the world.  Established more than forty years ago, this international company now employs thousands worldwide and has its UK head office in Castleford, Yorkshire. 

The Problem

Hagen approached us as a new client ,with a brief to design a retail display stand their range of fish foods, treatments and equipment. 

The stand would need to be large enough to accommodate Hagen’s full range of Fluval and Nutrafin products, but compact enough to be accommodated by the very smallest pet shops.  Visually, it would need to complement the client’s existing branding while effectively presenting the Hagen product range for maximum appeal.

The stand would need to be lightweight and easy to assemble, for retailers might have no prior experience of shopfitting  systems.

Finally, the finished stands would need to be individually packaged to prevent damage in transit and so that they could be easily redistributed to pet product retailers, from Hagen’s central warehouse.

The Solution

ATOL put forward a range of concepts, all based around a Tegometall solution, each offering variations of colour, lighting and functionality to best meet Hagen’s needs.  To help our client to visualise each of the options, as it would appear in production, we presented these options as 3D images.

With an initial concept agreed, we were able to tailor the profile of the bays to suit Hagen’s products.  ATOL not only provide full assembly instructions with each unit but also approved merchandising plans and corporate branding guidelines to ensure that Hagen’s products would be presented effectively and consistently across all retailers.

The packaged and boxed units were palletized in quantities to suit Hagen’s available warehouse space, and then labelled with our client’s own codes, to smoothly integrate with their stock system.

The Outcome

The unit designed by ATOL easily met all of our client’s objectives and, as a result, Hagen’s initial order was for 400 units. Although this volume offered economies of scale, Hagen was unable to take immediate delivery of the entire consignment.  ATOL was able to further assist by storing 50% of the order for an additional period, until they could be accepted in Hagen’s own warehouse.