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Case Study 3 - International Oil & Gas Company

The Client

Total is one of the world’s largest international oil and gas companies. They have forecourt garages spread throughout the UK, servicing the transport sector.

The Problem

The challenge Total faced was one of storage for their shop merchandise.  The traditional method of storing goods on wooden shelving meant they could not offer the full range of product because the stock levels held in each branch were not sufficient.

The Solution

We began by looking at the current design of the area allocated to storage and the method in which this was utilised. The customer expressed that the new shelving had to be easily adjustable by unskilled people and strong enough to support considerably increased weight over the traditional method.

ATOL designed a layout to give maximum floor coverage, using fully adjustable, Metalsistem shelving, while retaining comfortable aisle widths and access to the store room.  The installation was carried out within a tight schedule around the installation of the full forecourt operation.

As part of the after sales service, ATOL provided handover instructions for the branch staff including guides on how to adjust the shelving, written specifically for Total.  We also supplied the tools the staff would need to carry out any shelf adjustment.

The Outcome

ATOL increased Total’s storage capacity by more than 30%, enabling this client to offer the full range of product they desired.