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Fire Alarm & Security

We understand and share your concerns regarding the protection of your staff, customers and property and can advise on all aspects of fire alarms and security systems.  We can incorporate these facilities into designs for your industrial building or shop fitout, or upgrade them as part of a commercial refurbishment.

Fire Alarm Systems

A fire alarm system is generally required as part of the fire certificate for your premises.

There are two main categories of regulatory protection, the first is to protect your property by alerting the fire brigade as soon as a fire is detected and the second is to protect against the loss of life or injury.

ATOL is fully conversant with the different levels of regulatory compliance applicable to different types of premises, and, because ATOL is independent, we can source and install a fire alarm system to meet your requirements, at a price to suit your budget and which conforms to current regulations.



From protecting your office or warehouse against intruders to detecting and reducing retail shrinkage in-store, ATOL can provide advice, source and install a comprehensive range of security features. 

You might want to consider motion detectors (PIRs), IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems), plant alarms to monitor equipment activity, security fencing, voice alarms, attack buttons, infra-red or acousto-magnetic tagging and sensors.

Increasingly our customers ask us to install closed circuit television to protect their staff, customers, property, vehicles and valuables.  CCTV can substantially reduce crime by instantly alerting staff should trouble occur and by providing evidence to increase the likelihood of conviction.

ATOL can offer guidance on which of the various CCTV options might be most suitable to meet your security needs and how these might best integrate with other security equipment for maximum protection.