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Ceilings / Flooring

Ceilings and flooring are not just aesthetic considerations but have functional benefits too.  And there are a number of factors you must take into account before agreeing designs and choosing materials eg  How heavy is the footfall? Will you need access to telecommunications or other facilities?  Is there any risk of spills or leaks? Will you need to manoeuvre tall equipment?

Whether you simply need a practical cost effective floor covering for your industrial unit or a striking bulkhead to transform your retail space, ATOL can work closely with you on the visual design of your premises and recommend appropriate materials.  Our team of professional contractors will then complete your fit-out to agreed specifications.


As well as drywall ceilings, our specialist contractors can construct suspended ceilings and bulkheads.

Suspended ceilings allow easy access to pipework and wiring for maintenance and repairs and can incorporate lighting and heating panels.  If your joists are not level, your new ceiling will be levelled on installation to compensate for any irregular structural components.  And if sound is an issue, a suspended ceiling can be designed to absorb unwanted noise or perhaps reflect music back into a room. 

Ceiling bulkheads, can be created to cover awkward structural work and unsightly air conditioning units etc or they can be designed to suggest separate areas within one large space or to create a stunning visual appearance for your premises.


When choosing flooring, it is essential to bear in mind safety regulations and practicality as well as visual appeal.  Our designers can help you to achieve the look you want on your budget.

Natural wood floors can be stunning but can be out of the reach of many budgets and not be as hard wearing as man-made materials.  Laminates, which are easy to install and extremely durable, offer a cost effective alternative to natural wood, stone or ceramic floor coverings and are often almost indistinguishable from the real thing.

 Vinyl flooring is wipe clean, warm underfoot, absorbs noise, is hard-wearing and very good value.  You can choose from vinyl sheet in 2m, 3m, and 4m widths or vinyl tiles, each in a huge range of colours, patterns and features including electrostatic discharge, non-slip surface, acoustic properties and flooring designed specifically for sports halls.

Carpet contributes to a warm environment and with today’s choice of carpets including those with stain resistant and burn resistant properties, can be used safely and practically in more situations than ever before.  Carpet tiles are more practical if you need access to underfloor wiring or pipework without sacrificing a comfortable stylish interior design.

Our specialist contractors will install or lay your choice of flooring to ensure a professional, long-lasting finish.